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Thanksgiving is always a day the average American is looking forward to. Spending time with the family, taking a much needed day off work Methandienone Side Effects,Oxandrolone Tablets,Sustanon Results or school, eating too much food, and watching a lot of the great game the Pilgrims brought over with them: football.

And by that I mean they had absolutely nothing to do with the existence of football in America or the game itself.

Anyways, football was just made to be played on Thanksgiving with dozens of your loving family members cramping together around the television. Your uncle, sitting in the corner, has quietly put back four drinks containing a kind of vodka Dianabol For Sale Nz you've never heard of, as your other uncle, the gambling kind, is on the verge of a complete collapse, verbally assaulting the television and Turinabol Dosage,Anavar Nz,Methenolone Acetate humiliating his children in one surprisingly fluid motion having just lost yet another bet. CBS

In a slate full of super competitive games, this could be the most fun to watch.

The Lions may have the best defensive line in all of football, leading the NFL against the run and in total defense. Some of that credit can go to perennial troublemaker and badass Ndamukong Suh. Suh has unloaded his share of fireworks on Thanksgiving Day in the Stanozolol Price past, infamously shoving a member of the Packers' face into the ground before stomping on his arm, requiring a two game suspension without pay. The next year, he earned a $30,000 fine for unleashing a cartwheeling donkey kick to quarterback Matt Schaub's jewels.

There is no denying Suh seems to act out in the worst ways (or best, depending on how you look at it) when he is playing football instead of gobbling down turkey on Thanksgiving day.

As for the struggling Bears, the playoffs are still in sight, and a victory over the NFC North contending Lions could go a long way to increasing those hopes. Despite varying levels of criticism, quarterback Jay Cutler is still in the top ten in the NFL in yards and touchdowns. The Bears fan base simply cannot make up their minds about this guy. They've already burned his jersey and hilariously attacked him on Twitter when a fake article claimed he blamed the punter for a 41 point loss.

Nevertheless, this game is sure to include some fantastic wide receiver play with the likes of Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, and Alshon Jeffery hauling in passes from two quarterbacks who will never think twice before slinging balls into double and triple coverage. FOX

Once again it is the Eagles and the Cowboys battling for NFC East supremacy.

Their meeting on Thanksgiving will be their first of the season, with the latter coming in just two weeks. These match ups will likely determine the division champion, or at least will go a long way in doing so as the two sit tied atop the division.

Nick Foles will still sit out due to his broken collarbone, creating an interesting situation for back up Mark Sanchez. This will be Sanchez's return to football on Thanksgiving since the fateful day that has unfairly defined his career. The GQ model skyrocketed in notoriety and became the butt of all jokes when he traumatized the football world with a play that now has its own Wikipedia page. The butt fumble. Sanchez claimed afterward he was confused about the play call, consequently lurching himself into a panicky fit, leaving him no choice but to run straight into his lineman directly in front of him and fumble the football. Yeah.

The announcers will likely point out Sanchez's blunder when they aren't eye fluttering to the 'misunderstood' Dez Bryant. Bryant's production ranks him around the top ten in receiving in the league, but his physical skills are of much higher quality. He's an absolute load to defend, but sideline antics become his most notable quality at times.

Both teams are equipped with run games that can really light up the box score, as the game will likely come down to who can stop the run more effectively. The Cowboys' Demarco Murray currently leads the NFL in rushing by over 400 yards, and LeSean McCoy won the rushing title last season.

For some fun on the side: the over/under for times FOX cuts to Jerry Jones making disgruntled faces or cheering in his suite is set at 9.5.

Despite the many people growing restless about the lack of dominance shown by these two teams, the Seahawks and 49ers are still playoff caliber squads. They will need to impress down the stretch, sure, but the Carson Palmer injury will hinder the Cardinals' hopes of holding on to the Equipoise Nz NFC West title. A wild card is still up for grabs for both teams but this game has become increasingly important as the weeks have gone on.

The banning of Beats by Dre by the NFL has obviously affected 49ers quarterback and the brand's golden child Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick has settled into a middle of the road guy statistically this season after reaching the Super Bowl two years ago and the NFC Championship game last season.

Marshawn Lynch, on the other hand, seems determined to dethrone Suh as the person who cares the least about anything let alone an NFL rule. Lynch was fined $100,000 after blatantly ignoring the league's media policy when he didn't talk to reporters.